Reflection on the Year 2016


It was a year of difficult decisions, new plans, and the permanent goodbyes. A year with no regrets. On a professional level, the year 2016 provided me with the chance to gain additional and unique expertise. I also moved on to, at least temporarily, more optimal work schedule. Both my family and I appreciate this change after ten years of the relentless race.

The year 2016 has been more reasonable than 2015, but still very rewarding.  Between July and October of last year, I had visited eight countries on three continents. I survived two typhoons, woke up one day to 5.4 magnitude earthquake in Tokyo; my plane was stroke by lightning while landing in London, just a week later. Overall I recall being exhausted and sleeping flat in executive lounges as I was totally jetlagged for many weeks. I admit I was a total wreck, physically and mentally.

On a personal level, the year 2016 resulted in a reach social and family life. I take care of myself better; I have learned that mental and physical wellness are achievable with minimal efforts. I very much value all the precious relationship with my friends, who remain faithful and steady. I have been able to eliminate antagonistic elements, which were destructive and damaging in long-term. The year 2016 was in many ways purifying: I substituted the negativity with a real peace and joy of life.

I am looking forward to the year 2017. I hope it will be challenging, exciting and full of new learning opportunities. I wish same to all of you!

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