Little Morning Wonders


I love my mornings! I wake up at 4.30 AM every day, including weekends. My work schedule still allows me to enjoy my mornings without any rush. Before my daily business routines start, I sip my morning coffee and read the industry news, including articles on Linkedin. I take 10-15 minutes to practice mindfulness. Those few minutes kick a day off and give me the right mindset. After morning exercise, my brain is filled with endorphins, and my body is loaded with energy. I admit that over last few months, I turned into a gym-junkie.

Morning activities are critical for maintaining my productivity and creativity. I think about new blog topics, planned meetings with friends and any other personal commitments. I review the previous business days’ action items and plan for next days ahead. To limit work-related anxiety, I made sure long time ago, that my calendar does not own me – I own my calendar instead. A Proper level of self-organization contributes to successes in business life and makes complex business endeavors more approachable and less stressful.

The morning routines can add some level of control and calmness to everyone life. Everybody certainly can benefit from intelligent and pre-planned management of those routines and habits. The way you start a day may set you up for victory or a failure. If you did not develop your own routine yet or do not execute it properly, you might get off on the wrong foot too often!

In a frantic reality of working professionals, ‘me-time’ should appear as another reoccurring appointment in the business calendars. It should not be a privilege, it should be your personal right to relax, find pleasure from small things (like morning cappuccino) and selfishly reclaim ample of time every day, to your own advantage.

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