Life is like a box of macarons

I just received an elegant and delightful gift, straight from Paris.  Box of macarons, from #1 ‘best in Paris macarons’ boutique, Carette. It was also a gift from somebody very special to me 💝

Each of those European delicacies is a unique experience. Macarons are like a little pleasure bombs, bursting with various flavor and sophistication. They symbolize what I was missing in my life for a long time. The color and flavor. Life is more than a career. I get it now, but it took me a long while. Nowadays, I do not go with the flow and re-shape what is not functioning to my advantage. I hold on tight to reliable people in my life as they are rare and precious. Although I do not slow down my career, I adjusted the way I work. I know what I want from my future. I will be traveling for pleasure more, engaging in my hobbies, focusing equally on the job and entertainment. I spend significantly more time with those I trust, those who make me happy when I am around them. To me, every little colorful Carette macaron is a representation of joyful future events I plan for myself. I will keep adding them until the box is overflowing.

Look at your life as it was a box of macarons. The empty box gives a promising prospect of adding in more of deliciousness. The box half-full provides you with an exciting opportunity to fill up the remaining half. The box full is the ultimate goal and evidence of a happy, colorful and fulfilling life. You decide what you put in it – the only thing outside of our control is the size of the box itself.

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