How True is the Greener Grass Concept?


Is that true that the grass is always greener on the other side? Based on my personal experience; grass is not necessarily greener, it just comes in different shades of green.

Everyone wants to be happy. So after realizing we are not, many of us consider leaving the employers and starting over somewhere else. Hoping that the next place will be better for us.

Why people change the jobs?

  • Because they feel miserable
  • Because they have awful bosses
  • Because they do not feel appreciated/valued
  • Because the work environment does not give them the opportunity to grow and for many other reasons

We always look for the grass that is greener. We get to the point when we see the glass half empty, same glass, that once was half full. Once we are on professional crossroads, we usually assume the new job is the key missing element to achieve the happiness and satisfaction in life.

Yet, however exciting is your new job, it may not lead to your long-term professional happiness. Successful career management requires a serious self-reflection and humility.

This is why, before changing jobs, make sure you know what you want from your life and career. Then move towards your goals without running over the others. I admit many industries are tough and extremely competitive, but nothing is worth giving up your integrity. No matter what position, money or level of power you are offered.

Identify what you do not know and learn. Help others in their development. Be a mentor, leader, and sponsor not just boss to your employees. Share your ideas within the organization and educate colleagues. Do not be selfish. So many people are. Dare to be different, even if that does not benefit you directly.  I will quote here famous Kevin Spacey: “If you’re lucky enough to do well, it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down.” There is a time in our lives that we have to start giving back. To me, helping others to grow professionally, is the most satisfying part of my career.

The bottom line is: we all shape the culture of the companies we are working for. If we stop for a moment being so focused only on ourselves, the grass could eventually get greener, not only for us but also to our colleagues and followers. Not because the grass changed the color; in a different light, we may see the greener green.

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