Well, Well, LinkedIn Network…

linkedin.jpegA funny thing happened. A week ago, I posted a very short message intended for my LinkedIn network (full post here). I have never assumed it could go viral. It kind of did, considering I had more than 15k views in 6 days!

I wrote that post because I started to be frustrated with my LinkedIn connections. I think it goes even deeper, I am frustrated with the selfishness of people as general.

People are not very kind those days. They are self-absorbed and do not care about helping people in need. You can see the same trend on LinkedIn. One day, we learn the hard way, that connections we have gathered over years are useless.

To summarize that post shortly, I announced I would be cutting the ‘old wood’, which means people who are connected to me and do not bother to respond to my questions. Some people who commented on my post, claimed that they are too busy to respond and by removing contacts, one can lose the opportunity to ‘share’ and ‘exchange’ information.

Well, if one is interested in what other people post, they can just simply ‘follow’ the person. One does not have to be a connection. To be a someone’s connection is a very different thing. Personally, I have some expectation on how my connections should perform. Basically, we do not ignore each other when the question is asked or request is made. Some type of the answer is required for the sake of the ordinary decency.

I am busy (who is not?) but I never ignore my network connections.  We are all swamped by work and family related obligations. I do not know many people in pharma industry who work 8 hours a day. Independently if you are a scientist, manager, director or VP, we seem to work similar crazy hours.

What makes people responding or not, are different attitudes. Some people are kind by nature and consider other people needs and emotions. Some people are selfish and simply do not care about anything else but themselves.

I am worried the first category is so rare.  This is why I wrote that post on LinkedIn. Very straight forward message. Not everyone liked it for sure. But hopefully, it made some people think and improve their networking habits and behaviors. If someone is not interested in professional active networking, then it is their choice. In such a case, please do not form connections with others. The connection equals commitment. LinkedIn connections are real people. We should treat them with respect.

I do not like gray zones, I am idealistic. I go with black-and-white thinking very often. You can love me or you can hate me. My post is just a reflection of my personality.



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