It is Scary Out There



When I was a kid, the world seemed to be so enormous and overwhelming. Adult life appeared to be so interesting and complicated. As the time went by, in my mind, the world has shrunk substantially, the adult life stopped being so glamorous. One day I suddenly realized: I became a pretty fearless grown-up.

On occasion, I still feel anxiety when dealing with new endeavors. However, I remain calm.  I know I can and will do it, whatever this is. Nothing scares me anymore. I remain a lamp to myself, my own confidence. I reject negative thoughts, because well, I am not them. I step back and observe my busy mind. I reject thoughts that are not useful. I prefer to live in a presence, mindfully. I do not let events of the past to hold me back.

As adults, we all should embrace the concept of having accountability for our lives and avoid going with a flow. So much is in our power. We can choose to forgive and forget, let it go, heal, rebuild a new better life. We can also opt to take various risks and be brave.

Imagine that little sea turtle diving in a huge ocean for the first time after hatching. It does not resent it because it has no other choice- it welcomes and surrenders to water. It takes a huge risk just to live its life, learn and master the survival tactics.

We, adult humans, have so much more control over our lives comparing to that little guy.

Thus, if you wonder what to do, or hesitate between the options, I say: take the risk, go for it and if you have to, regret it later! Life is wonderful, also scary and unpredictable, but you should know you are the one in charge. Hold on to the truth within yourself as to the only truth. You are your best life guide.

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