Little Morning Wonders


I love my mornings! I wake up at 4.30 AM every day, including weekends. My work schedule still allows me to enjoy my mornings without any rush. Before my daily business routines start, I sip my morning coffee and read the industry news, including articles on Linkedin. I take 10-15 minutes to practice mindfulness. Those few minutes kick a day off and give me the right mindset. After morning exercise, my brain is filled with endorphins, and my body is loaded with energy. I admit that over last few months, I turned into a gym-junkie. Continue reading

Is the Passion Good or Bad Thing in Career Management?

wings-1940245.jpgI am a woman. Who I am, the way I think and operate is gender specific to some extent. I am ambitious, hard working and I have a clear vision of who I want to be in the future.   I am proud of my career accomplishments. I go against the mainstream and confront issues and people without hesitation. I have never been “9am-5pm” person, I invest a lot of energy to go above and beyond for the sake of the teams and organizations I work for. I consider myself a very passionate professional. I am attached emotionally to my job, and I care deeply about my colleagues, business, and customers. Sometimes, I allow my job to get under my skin. I am not indifferent to my work environment and company culture. I try to serve as an example to others, but I am not ideal and make mistakes, like any other person. Passion to me is a tool, enabler of self-fueling. Staying passionate and emotionally invested translates to my high performance at work. Continue reading

How to Become a Calm Warrior

lady-1822464_1920Our lives are stressful, hectic and very much unpredictable, thus overflowing with anxiety. We cope with that unfortunate status quo and attempt to manage our daily schedules efficiently. Some of us become more organized with time, some of us just take one day at the time and dive in into the frantic business weeks, hoping to survive the Monday to Friday routine. It is so easy to forget about our bodies and minds in the chaos of everyday life. Continue reading