Insanity of Drug Development

peeping-tom-316125_1280Pharmaceutical drug development is generally complicated and expensive. I have no reason to believe this will ever change. In recent years, however, FDA makes an extra effort to help the industry to bring new promising treatments faster to the market. Despite that willingness to accelerate drug development, that is possible only in some cases, pharma and biotech still operate in a highly complex regulated environment, dealing with many issues that can surface out from the poorly predicted development and commercialization risks. Thus not all the drug candidates can and will reach the market. Continue reading

Pharma Employees & Patients

hospital-1822460_1920In recent few years, many of the pharma companies try to elevate the perspectives of the patients and caregivers and find best ways to respond to their priorities and needs. Pharma companies engage individual patients and advocacy groups in improving patients’ outcomes and experiences during the actual product development (clinical trials) and incorporates patients’ inputs into products, services, and integrated solutions. This is what buzzword “patient-centricity” is about. We read about it and hear about it a lot, especially from pharma executive leadership during official communications with mass media. Continue reading

Drug Prices Issue & Pharma La-La Land

pills-943764_1920Pharma business is complicated. It is a laborious task to explain it to anybody outside of the industry. Yet, the topic of the drug pricing seems to be relevant to everyone. We all deal with illness at some point in our life, either because we get sick or our family members or friends do. Recently some bad actors in the pharma industry (Turing, Mylan) caused a lot of discussions on the drug pricing and negativity around pharma business. Is that deserved?  Continue reading

Small Biotech’s Blues

error-102075_1920Biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies are usually very different entities. Biotech exists primarily for the innovation and discovery. Pharma companies mainly aim to develop, commercialize and sell their own or acquired products. Therefore, those two types of companies usually take on a very different business model. Continue reading

Leadership Levels

career-1738216_1280During my career, I think I have seen it all. Great leaders and pretty awful ones but still, for some reasons, being allowed to lead parts or whole organizations. It is easy and intuitive to understand the dependency between the quality of companies’ leadership and productivity of those organizations. Happy and engaged employees produce more and are more creative, and innovative. Yet, not all the companies seem to get that simple connection. Continue reading