Simple Guide to Smarter Networking


Overwhelmed by the virtual world of infinite connections, we should never forget that non-virtual social network is of crucial importance to your professional and personal development. The strategic partnerships you form throughout your life are going to benefit you at every level. It is clearly advantageous for anyone to be surrounded with people who inspire, support you but also challenge you and help you to grow. Continue reading

Becoming an entrepreneur – are you a real one?


‘Enrepretonourship,’ seems to be one of the most overused terms in today’s business. If you own lemonade stand or similar enterprise, please stop calling yourself an entrepreneur. If you work for a corporation, bad news, you are not an entrepreneur either. If you wish to learn more about entrepreneurship, please continue to read. Below,¬†I share my lessons learned from my GMP program at¬†HBS.

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We did it!


After several months of immensely¬†intensive work, at least hundred¬†of business cases and a couple of thousands of pages read, we finally graduated from Harvard Business School’s 24th session of General Management¬†Program on 26th of April. The graduation ceremony took place in a famous Harvard Club of Boston. Both the program and a graduation event were fantastic experiences. In past months, we received¬†a broader, strategic lense and the world will never look the same to any of us. Each of us made 106 new friends. My living group was the most open, friendly and generous group of people I have ever met. All of us will need to have some more time to reflect¬†on what we gained and to approach our next goal: changing the world. This is what Harvard Business School is standing for.

Manuscript Accepted!

artificial-intelligence-2167835_1923 copy

Per update to the below post:¬†Yoga, Neophobic Parrot, and Exciting News:¬†the¬†manuscript I wrote for the Clinical¬†Pharmacology & Therapeutics journal was just accepted. It will be published in a special Jul 2018 issue focusing¬†on the topic of intelligent design digital devices. It is intended for a clinical audience and discusses¬†the¬†impact of the smart devices on the¬†productivity of drug development.ūüćĺūü•āūüéÜ

Pharma Basics: Portfolio Management


The pharmaceutical R&D portfolio is usually formed by combining several assets. It can include discovery, pre-clinical and development stage small molecules and biologics (Phase I-IV) or medical devices. Less mature biotech companies, usually own either single project or platform and there is not yet a real R&D portfolio to manage. Large pharma or biotech organizations have actual and sometimes complex portfolios with numerous projects at various stages of development. Decisions around portfolio such as selection of the drug candidates, portfolio prioritization, and optimization are the most critical areas driving a total shareholder value for the organization. The portfolio management is a dynamic process and methodologies used vary among companies. The size of the company and portfolio dictates the complexity and work intensity of the portfolio management. Relevant decisions are made according to a predetermined process and by evaluating multiple parameters. Some of the portfolio management components may be outsourced if there is a need for it. Final accountability for the portfolio decisions stays with the R&D executive team and board of directors. Continue reading