Investing and Partnering in Drug Development


During my career, I have been on the both sides of the financial partnership table. I have led ‘due diligence’ process together with my drug & business development teams at pharma. Currently, I represent the third party capital providers assessing development risks for various pharmaceutical assets.  Since this is an area of interest for many of my blog readers, this article will explain the basics of the investments and partnerships models for pharma and biotech companies. Considering that there are fundamental differences between the pharma and biotech organizations and how they manage their portfolio strategies, the article is split into two parts:

  • Part 1 will cover the basics of the large pharma partnering models with third-party capital providers
  • Part 2 will focus on partnering models for different types of biotech companies

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Costs Management in Pharmaceutical R&D Projects


Finance is a broad term describing the management of money and other valuables, which can be easily converted into cash to achieve economic objectives of the given organization. The usual structure of the financial department in large, mature pharmaceutical company includes Tax Group (scope: tax declarations & optimization, transfer pricing), Accounting (scope: external reporting, financial data management), Corporate Finance (scope: treasury & capital markets, M&A, investor relations), Controlling (scope: internal reporting, budgeting & planning, business valuation), plus potentially additional groups. Continue reading

Retaliation, Reputation & Happiness


Nobody likes to hear it – but you are alone in this world. People do not care about your problems. If you are blessed with a close, faithful friends and family who genuinely loves and cares for you, you should be grateful every day. It is a precious gift and should not be taken for granted. Having family or friends do not guarantee they will love you, be loyal or respectful. In private life, in business, there is so much pretentious and damaging behaviors, insincerity, and backstabbing. The number of people who can be considered vain and selfish is going up. Research shows that over last 30 years, 30% more kids think they are more awesome than everyone else. This idea is broadly reinforced by today’s media, parents, education system, youth coaches. Young people grow up with a sense of entitlement and have no issue to call themselves gifted and successful, with no objective data to back it up. Continue reading