Simple Guide to Smarter Networking


Overwhelmed by the virtual world of infinite connections, we should never forget that non-virtual social network is of crucial importance to your professional and personal development. The strategic partnerships you form throughout your life are going to benefit you at every level. It is clearly advantageous for anyone to be surrounded with people who inspire, support you but also challenge you and help you to grow. Continue reading

The Entrepreneurial Quest: Unraveling the Path to True Entrepreneurship

In today’s business landscape, the term “entrepreneurship” is often used loosely, sometimes diluting its genuine meaning. It is important to recognize that running a lemonade stand or similar small-scale ventures may fall under the realm of small business rather than true entrepreneurship. Similarly, working within a corporation may align more closely with the concept of being an intrapreneur. However, if you have a genuine interest in delving deeper into the world of entrepreneurship, I invite you to continue reading as I share valuable lessons learned from my GMP program at HBS. Together, we’ll explore the fundamental principles and insights that can pave the way to entrepreneurial success and fulfillment.

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