Getting Busier…


Just letting everyone know that I will be writing and posting less in upcoming months.

I have a lot of things going on professionally, which are very exciting but same time I can not keep up with all of my other engagements. I promise the next article on R&D costs will be published in early March.

Thank you for your interest and loyalty 🙂


How to Climb the Ladder in Red High Heels


I am not a feminist in a traditional meaning. I like to think of myself as a woman supporting other women. I also do not believe that all men are misogynistic (a characteristic often associated with NPD).  I admit I met some passive-aggressive male colleagues who were not buying into the gender diversity concept if I can put this delicately. Research shows such men often suffer from certain psychological problems, but I am not going to focus on those aspects today. During my career, I certainly have been lucky enough to deal with many great, supportive and smart men who treat women as equals. Continue reading

What’s New? Nature Gallery!

treeWhen my busy professional life allows, I enjoy occasional nature photography. Documenting the beauty of the landscapes and wildlife gives me an appreciation for the world that we live in. I will post some of my pictures monthly in Gallery section. You can find the link in the Blog’s Primary Menu. Hope you will like the photos. Please let me know if you do, by liking or commenting. Thank you for your interest!

Leadership Levels

career-1738216_1280During my career, I think I have seen it all. Great leaders and pretty awful ones but still, for some reasons, being allowed to lead parts or whole organizations. It is easy and intuitive to understand the dependency between the quality of companies’ leadership and productivity of those organizations. Happy and engaged employees produce more and are more creative, and innovative. Yet, not all the companies seem to get that simple connection. Continue reading