Know the Pharma Basics: Drug Development Plan


Drug development can be described as the process of obtaining the relevant information necessary to be included on your drug prescribing information. Development Plan (DP) is the strategic document that guides the lifecycle of a new product from the pre-clinical lead compound stage through Lifecycle Management (LCM). LCM starts with the first approval of BLA/NDA (first Marketing Authorization) and encompasses development of new indications. In mature pharma organization, DP is approved by the governance bodies. Once approved, it can be regarded as the agreement between executive leadership/board of directors and the program team involved in the discovery, development & commercialization of the product. The DP is a living document and should be amended when the development strategy changes. Continue reading

How to Fight the Loss of Exclusivity

beach-1238464_1920My previous post “A Secret Life of the Patent Attorney” indicated that the pharmaceutical company holding the original pharmaceutical product patent may attempt to fight the loss of exclusivity (LOE). The same article already covered the R&D aspects of the patent and regulatory exclusivity protection, leaving the commercial side to further analysis. Continue reading

A Secret Life of the Patent Attorney

business-suit-690048_1920-copy-copyWhen one thinks about the role of the patent attorneys, it may not be obvious how paramount are they for the life science industry. Do we perceive them as the pharma’s secret agents on an ongoing, critical mission? If not, we should. They work behind the research and development scene, making sure the company can maximize the value of the drug candidates and related inventions. This article, in the form of Q&A, covers the patent and regulatory exclusivity topics in biopharmaceutical R&D. Continue reading

Investing and Partnering in Drug Development (Part 1 of 2)

businessman-1106919_1920During my career, I have been on the both sides of the financial partnership table. While at pharma, I have supported due diligence together with the rest of the development team. During recent months, I have been assessing various pharmaceutical assets regarding development risks for investors. I found that area fascinating from a personal growth standpoint. It came naturally to me that many of my blog readers may benefit from learning about investment partnerships models for pharma and biotech companies. Continue reading